Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince  
The White Tomb...

The White Tomb...

Description : This didn't turn out quite as nicely and powerful as I had hoped... Fire is hard to draw! Maybe color would make a difference.
From: razza (Wed Jul 20 04:26:59 2005)
Oh so sad *tear*
From: Fellyphone (Thu Jul 21 12:33:44 2005)
Just seeing that made me sad.
From: Spencer (Thu Jul 21 12:51:52 2005)
From: JMcCrackin' (Thu Jul 21 19:58:36 2005)
hmm..this scene is very telling isn't it? I feel like it tells a lot about the next book.
From: Rose (Sat Jul 23 03:11:02 2005)
oh this scene...I think it means something more too!
From: JCB (Sat Jul 23 12:55:31 2005)
It really is too much of a coincidence, huh? Dumbledore bursting into flame...paired with the pheonix? Anyway,Administrator, you may not feel happy with the fire, but I think it's done effectively nonetheless. I mean, you can tell where the fire changes intot he smoke at the top. I'm sure it's difficult, but I think it's really well done.
From: Administrator (admin) (Mon Jul 25 02:54:04 2005)
If you ask me, the Phoenix is his Patronus leaving his body (kind of like the spirit leaving the body when you die). And thanks!
From: StephyJ (Fri Jul 29 13:17:39 2005)
Oh! It's the one I asked you to do! Thank you! I love it . . . I agree with the Phoenix being his Patronus as it leaves his body, but I have to admit that I hoped it was a real phoenix that would belong to Harry and help him like Fawkes helped Dumbledore. Oh, this scene made me bawl. Thanks so much for drawing it!
From: Phoenix_Valor (Mon Aug 1 16:49:08 2005)
I cried so much when I read this part in the book, and you've got me crying again. I also agree with the patronus/spirit idea.
From: Harry Rockz (Sun Aug 28 14:45:16 2005)
**Snif Snif** every time I see something that reminds me of this part of the book, I cry, I am STILL rereading the book, because I am reading so slowly, just so I won't get to that part... and by the time I get there, I start crying anyways... Oh So Sad...
From: Me (Mon Apr 10 23:25:30 2006)

That's how good this was (the drawing, not the part in the book, Du-u-uh-uh-uh!)

From: Olivia (Mon Dec 11 17:33:51 2006)
From: JustxLikexMagic (Thu Dec 21 21:32:19 2006)
you have a very powerful sketch right here. this is major talent. DO NOT worry about the fire. Its PER-FECT. :)
From: Yaci (Tue Mar 6 06:14:47 2007)
Color would really define your drawings.

No... Dumbledore... NO..... don't leave us!
From: Madame Raven (Wed May 23 17:40:59 2007)
Great drawing! and this part in the book only means something:foreshadow the next book!!!!!!!!
From: sak (Mon Aug 6 03:34:16 2007)
This is so sad...*sniff*......
From: LoveHBP (Wed Dec 5 20:33:03 2007)
Can you draw a picture of Snape killing dumbledore(WHAAAAAAAA!!) cause i really want to try and draw it. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE
From: coolchic444 (Sat Oct 11 20:02:27 2008)
I think you did great on the fire it is really hard to draw!

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