Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince  
Soon after Christmas, Ron begins to lose interest in Lavendar's insistent closeness

Soon after Christmas, Ron begins to lose interest in Lavendar's insistent closeness

Description : "Oh, Won-Won!"
From: Jbracken (Thu Jul 21 20:03:48 2005)
Yeah, I guess it just wasn't meant to be-- guessing from Ron's expression anyway.
From: TPK (Fri Jul 22 12:23:50 2005)
Anybody else think the name "Lavender Brown" sounds like someone randomly picked Crayolas out of a box?
From: Administrator (admin) (Fri Jul 22 13:17:53 2005)
Ha, I've noticed that... I once thought, "Her name is comprised of two colors."
From: Rose (Sat Jul 23 02:58:09 2005)
Well, truthfully, I'd much rather see this than Draco and Pansy...Lavender is really pretty!!
From: Administrator (admin) (Sat Jul 23 03:47:56 2005)
From: Rose (Tue Jul 26 22:09:18 2005)
Amen to that! :)
From: roon (Wed Jul 27 13:47:06 2005)
Even though the books don't say so, I persist in seeing Lavender as a black girl. No matter how much fan-art I see to the contrary. (my Madam Pomfrey's black too) ..

I like yours though; very snoggable. :)
From: Administrator (admin) (Wed Jul 27 14:41:39 2005)
Wild!!! For a long time I saw her as black too, but further readings made me believe that she wasn't (or JK might have mentioned, since she usually does... Angelina, Lee, Dean, etc.). One or two of my first drawings of her had her looking a little less Caucasian.
From: Erin (Sun Jul 31 23:26:03 2005)
But did JKR ever specifically mention how Lavender really looked? Nope.. Really leaves it open to the imagination.
From: Maggie (Tue Aug 2 06:03:33 2005)
My Lavender (and it probably comes from her name) is white, cute girly-girl (that "lavender" thing) with light brown hair, rather long and cu2ly. She looks much more "ordinary" than her best friend, black-haired, extremly pretty Parvati. Something about contrasts.
But actually she's not that important character and yours works very well, too.
From: Mianwe (Tue Jan 31 19:19:12 2006)
I love Ron's face... too funny
From: Heejun (Sat Feb 11 21:57:00 2006)
I think that Lavender Brown is African American Girl like Angelina Johnson, dean Thomas, Lee Jordan. The picture shows that Lavender Brown is African American
From: Heejun (Sat Feb 11 21:57:35 2006)
It is in Wikipedia. the Picture of Lavende Brown(Who liked Ron in the Harry Potter and Half Blood Prince.)
From: Heejun (Thu Feb 23 01:47:21 2006)
But, I'm not sure about her skin color, only picture shows that, may be JK Rowling would say that Lavender Brown is Black Girl.
From: Olivia (Sat Dec 9 20:45:28 2006)
+10!!! Ron finally has 10 points!
From: Yaci (Tue Mar 6 05:38:10 2007)
great drawings! its just like reading a comic book. My every imagination was given life by Drew! I just had to laugh at Ron's "cold" face...like he smelled something rotten under his nose (guess who that is?)
From: Administrator (admin) (Tue Mar 6 23:48:49 2007)
Um, i really don't think lavender Brown is black. Like, really. I don't think so at all.
From: Madame Raven (Wed May 23 17:21:07 2007)
Silly Ron Lavender is for Mclaggen!
From: sak (Thu Jul 26 05:27:42 2007)
he..he..he.. luv the drawing
From: quidditchchick (Fri Jul 27 04:22:52 2007)
I love Ron's face! I can see him telling her that he only went out with her to proove to Ginny he could easily snog someone. I thought Lavender was black at first, then I read HBP and she just seemed to be more of a white blonde to me
From: sak (Sun Aug 5 03:18:28 2007)
Ha...ha...ha...I like the look on ron's face!!!
From: Maddie C. (Sat Aug 1 01:27:53 2009)
I love this!!

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