Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix  
Hermione has Rita Skeeter at bay

Hermione has Rita Skeeter at bay

From: Lily Evans (Mon Nov 8 17:38:42 2004)
lol... Hermione looks great in this pic!
From: hb (Tue Nov 16 16:48:41 2004)
i absolutly love luna´s expression! she deff. looks dreamy!...perfect!!
From: purple_pillow (Thu Dec 2 14:43:12 2004)
Rita looks ticked off, hahaha, makes me chuckle. great picture
From: Remus Lupin (Sat Feb 26 18:32:23 2005)
Her animagus WOULD be a beetle. Why? Because she's a stupid... evil... Little pest! Erg... She's just... RAWR!

But I love the picture.
From: : ) (Wed Mar 16 23:12:46 2005)
Great expressions, as always! I also must say I think I like Rita's hair better this way, it made her look more man-ish with it all curled up to her head
From: LB_Phoenix (Fri Apr 8 20:14:11 2005)
I love this scene in the books. There's just so much there in that scene. Three women, but all very different in their own right. Wonderful job!
From: Seven (Sat Apr 16 23:19:44 2005)
I love Luna and her onion cocktail and you always draw Hermione so beautiful. Rita's scaring me, but she's very well drawn.
From: Mycha_kk (Tue Jul 5 14:08:49 2005)

This is great pic. I love Hermione here (well I love on all your pics) but here she looks perfect.

And Rita... it wasn;t a good year for her, was it?

From: Roon (Mon Jul 11 19:55:41 2005)
Love how you portray Rita's comedown in your pics of her. Very cool. Hermione looks so smug. :)
From: Administrator (admin) (Mon Jul 11 22:19:00 2005)
As well she should! She outsmarted Rita 100%.
From: C_Shacklebolt (Sat Aug 13 23:56:39 2005)
I really, really like this drawing for the most part (the heads of the four characters are especially well-drawn), but Rita's hands... Rita's pinky makes her hand look more like a dementor's to me. Might be because of her talon-like fingernails...
From: rusty (Tue Dec 27 12:39:14 2005)
love luna, she's so oblivious to everything.
From: narci (Wed May 10 19:53:53 2006)
i love harry's profile in the picture......i love harry in general...so YAYYERS FOR YOU!!!
From: girl_X (Sun Jul 2 17:45:13 2006)
I think skeeter looks drunk in this one, it fits perfectly how life's been hard since Hermy-own(ha ha) caught her in the jar.
From: lunna (Sun Jul 30 17:02:35 2006)
i love how luna is just sitting there as if no one else was with her and the look on ritas face is priceless
From: i heart hp! (Sun Jul 29 12:50:21 2007)
i love hermione's expression
From: sak (Tue Aug 21 12:22:45 2007)
I agree with 'i heart hp!'

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