Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix  
Cho walks into Harry, Ginny, Neville and Luna's compartment finding Harry looking less than glamorous

Cho walks into Harry, Ginny, Neville and Luna's compartment finding Harry looking less than glamorous

Description : Harry has the worst timing when it comes to Cho...
From: Harrietta Potter (Tue Sep 14 10:54:04 2004)
Good Gracious! This one is HILLARIOUS! I love how Harry is just sitting there, thinking about how humiliated he is, and Luna is paying no attention to it at all! Fabulous!
From: Godly_Volemort (Tue Oct 12 11:12:11 2004)
This drawing rocks lol!
From: Crookshanks1177/Stephany (Tue Oct 12 15:27:03 2004)
Lol I love Cho's disgusted face.
From: Lily Evans (Mon Nov 8 17:17:37 2004)
Ugh! I hate Cho! But this drawing is great!
From: Marianna (Sat Nov 27 17:47:25 2004)
I love how you draw Ginny. You make her look so beautiful yet remain true to her Weasley features. Your artwork is amazing, your facial expressions are extremely good. The whole picture looks like it's on pause and you can just push the play button and the action will resume. :)
From: Eva (Thu Jan 20 20:38:01 2005)
I love the shellshocked expression on Harry's face.
From: AmY* (Mon Feb 21 04:09:06 2005)
HAHAHAHAHA!!!!! SPECTACULAR!!! Harry with his embarassing expression, Luna doesn't care, Neville looks surprised that such a plant could do that and a little scared too and fabulous Ginny, what can I say? oh! I know a word: PERFECT!!!!
From: Aurelie (Mon Apr 25 01:29:49 2005)
Mwahaha! I love the look on Harry's face. Shellshocked, I think someone said. Only complaint might be that Cho doesn't look particularly Asian; I wouldn't have known it was her.
From: Maggie (Tue Aug 2 17:06:21 2005)
You just have to love Luna. I burst out laughing when I was her like that. I love your Ginny too. Cho is beautiful though I loathe her. Great job overall.
From: ronald (Mon Aug 13 19:25:15 2007)
nice one
From: sak (Tue Aug 21 08:05:11 2007)
more than perfect!!!!!!!!!
From: hogwarts girl (Thu Sep 27 14:54:17 2007)
ooo poor harry...all he wants to do is impress her and what does he get?..a mouth full of stinksap
From: leah (Sat Oct 27 01:20:03 2007)
beautiful! i love cho, she looks perfect!
From: aussie girl (Wed Dec 5 08:27:08 2007)
LOL! poor harry. cho could have walked in at any time but it had to be when he was covered in stinksap. Harry and ginny 4 eva
From: favtasy-holic (Sat Jan 5 15:40:25 2008)
AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAA! i love everyone expressions, especially Nevilles. he has that "er...that was a bad idea" face.

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