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Dumbledore and Voldemort duel in the Ministry of Magic

Dumbledore and Voldemort duel in the Ministry of Magic

From: Quibbler Reader (Sat Oct 30 04:52:36 2004)
Thats EXACTLY how I picture Dumbledore! Nice job!
From: Lily Evans (Mon Nov 8 17:49:34 2004)
Dumbledore always looks so calmy... even in the worst of times!
From: HermionePower (Sat Mar 5 04:45:46 2005)
Voldemort-bald? Great Dumbledore!
From: Administrator (admin) (Mon Mar 7 23:38:34 2005)
Ummmmm..... I'm pretty sure the book describes Voldemort as bald. It wasn't an artistic interpretation, it was based on the book's description.
From: : ) (Wed Mar 16 23:28:42 2005)
Yeah, he is supposed to be bald, but it still looks weird to me. I guess I don't really picture his head at all, just the face, as that's the important, evil part. Bald heads seem comical to me, rather than evil, but that's just my opinion, I guess. I think I usually picture him with his hood up, so I can focus on the face.
But I do like this picture a lot! Dumbledore looks marvelous, I would feel safe having him protect me!
From: brooke (Tue Mar 29 22:00:47 2005)
I'm a little confused. Why do they have swords out, rather than wands?
From: Administrator (admin) (Wed Mar 30 02:33:49 2005)
I'm fairly certain they actually fight with swords in the Ministry of Magic, not wands. (Dumbledore might even use Gryffindor's sword... I can't remember.)
From: Aurelie (Mon Apr 25 01:47:40 2005)
Wow, good job with Dumbledore. He has pretty hair! Anyway, he looks just like I imagine him.
From: alex (Sat Jul 23 01:53:45 2005)
They don't use swords. The9 use wands. Remember the stuff they do with the wands like make flames, Avada Kadavra, and the large vibration that would have killed Voldemort if he didn't use a shield.
From: Administrator (admin) (Mon Jul 25 19:38:48 2005)
Okay, I reread it, and I now realize they duel with wands... For some reason, I remembered swords in there seomwhere (probably because of Voldemort's shield). Anyway, check the new version of this drawing for the correction! :)
From: ProfRasah (Sat Aug 20 12:08:12 2005)
Dumbledore looks awfully depressed. Its like he regrets not doing something to help Tom in the past, not recognizing the dangers Riddle was getting himself into, or at least scold him to the right path. Everyone is like that, Albus looks like he wished he had done more.
Very good job.
From: Andrea (Mon Aug 29 10:20:16 2005)
You probably pictured them with swords because the chapter illustration shows them with very, very long wands, and they're holding them as though they were swords.
From: hfgthrbg (Tue Feb 28 17:49:37 2006)
From: Administrator (admin) (Tue Feb 28 19:29:58 2006)
READ THE COMM... Wups, excuse me... *takes off caps lock* Read the comments above and look at the next drawing, and you will see that we have already discussed that, and the confusion has been cleared up.
From: sak (Thu Sep 20 10:42:29 2007)
OH!!!! still it's nice!!!
From: loonyloopylupin (Wed Aug 19 11:36:16 2009)
I completely agree with ProfRasah - you nailed it! Dumbledore's expression and manner here are spot-on. He looks like he carries the weight of the world, and his saddened expression reminds us that he feels that he failed Tom Riddle so long ago. *close to tears here*......fantastic drawing, Drew! One of my favorites.

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