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Fred, George and Ginny chant in celebration of Harry's Hearing results

Fred, George and Ginny chant in celebration of Harry's Hearing results

From: Crookshanks1177/Stephany (Tue Oct 12 15:22:32 2004)
Haha I love it, I hadn't really seen many with the twins or Ginny without everyone else around.
From: Bellatrix Black (Fri Oct 15 21:16:29 2004)
LOL!! I love that part!! Great pic!
From: misslovegood (Sat Dec 11 17:06:42 2004)
What a happy drawing! Great moment too...Anyway, I love your Ginny here, and the twins as well, but especially Ginny.
From: visitor (Sat Dec 25 08:55:14 2004)
OMG, you truly brought the moment to life!
From: TPK (Fri Jan 21 03:16:25 2005)
"He got off... he got off... he got off..."
From: tonks442 (Sun Jan 23 03:01:00 2005)
Very cute!
From: yours truely (Sun Jan 23 16:25:54 2005)
That was such a funny scene, I couldnt stop smiling for ages! Well done for bringing it to life so well!!
From: Jennie's sister (Tue Feb 1 04:03:29 2005)
I love it, pure sibling playfulness. I like how Ginny is so free and out there, she's so cute!
From: Person again? (Sun Feb 6 01:21:51 2005)
Hahahaha! I love that part! :D
From: shmink (Sun Feb 13 13:21:57 2005)
That's one of my favorite scenes, and you captured the personalities of Ginny and the twins so well!
From: Saphy (Tue Feb 15 14:10:19 2005)
*waves her "Go Fred and George!" flag* Great one, Drew! Very well done!
From: Emilia (Mon Feb 21 03:55:25 2005)
"he got off, he got off, he got off!" lol. I love this one!!!
From: elvenprincess (Wed Mar 2 22:58:12 2005)
I was the link in your sig on the cos forum, so i took a peak. its really good for ink. my artistic friends moan about drawing in ink. one of the boys (georg% i guess) looks like he is singing an opera. none the really good.
From: Rosie (Thu Mar 17 21:10:57 2005)
haha I always love your Weasley twins! Such wonderful mischief makers!

Great energy in this piece...
From: Griffiegrrl (Sun Mar 20 14:49:53 2005)
Quote: "That was such a funny scene, I couldnt stop smiling for ages! Well done for bringing it to life so well!!"

I know, I couldn't either.. Agpotter, I LOVE how you drew Ginny.. I was not happy at all at the casting in the movie. I must say, this is one of my fav. drawings of yours!
From: . (Mon Mar 21 13:18:20 2005)
From: Griffiegrrl (Wed Mar 23 15:02:35 2005)
Yup, definitely my favorite of yours :D
From: Miri (Wed Mar 23 18:12:03 2005)
I'm not sure which twin is which, but the one on the right is so funny. I can totally picture the twins acting like this, especially in the very beginning of the first book when they're singing the Hogwarts school song, and Fred and George pick a slow funeral march and Dumbledore conducts them as they finish... haha I laugh just thinking about it. I love Ginny, too, she's great!
From: Roon (Mon Jul 11 15:34:13 2005)
Love the poses. This looks like their big finish .. "Heeeeeeeeee Goooooooot Offffffffffffff!!!" Musical flourish .. "Thank You! Good Night!" Hee!
From: griffin face (Wed Aug 3 14:14:12 2005)
love it
From: Harry (Wed Oct 5 18:24:06 2005)
I love how you draw Ginny in all your pictures. She always looks so realistic!
From: Hermione Granger (Fri Nov 4 20:40:19 2005)
Ginny looks good better than mine.Fred and George
look better than mine you are good
From: rusty (Tue Dec 27 12:21:18 2005)
From: Psyche (Thu Feb 2 23:03:37 2006)
I adore this. It's not like I pictured it (I see them in a kind of conga-type line, Ginny in the middle, dancing around and chanting), but it's wonderful!

I think it would be hilarious to see these three dressed like stereotypical Indians - similar to Tiger Lily and the Indians in Peter Pan!
From: anon. (Sat Feb 4 00:11:06 2006)
how long do you take to draw something like this?
From: Administrator (admin) (Tue Feb 21 19:07:16 2006)
Five to ten minutes, usually, sometimes less if I'm on the ball! :)
From: Confounding (Wed Jul 5 19:35:25 2006)
You know what I think? I know this is wierd but... the twins look like their in a boy band!Okay but that besides,this a mega fantastical picture! I love this scene in the book when I read it I get all smiley.
From: Moony (Sat Sep 30 23:09:37 2006)
I always have to read this out loud and then fall over every time I re-read Order of the Phoenix.
From: me (Sat Jun 9 19:13:48 2007)
this part will never be the same for me again thanks to a friend. *just use a sick mind when thinking of the chant*
But the twins are so great looking, and Ginny looks like she's about to stage dive, that is if they were on a stage.
From: i heart hp! (Sun Jul 29 12:42:55 2007)
ahaha i loved this part of the book it was so funny.. you did a great job!!
From: sak (Tue Aug 7 01:08:30 2007)
Ooohhhh.........You just bought this scene alive!!!! fantastic!!!!
From: hogwarts girl (Thu Sep 27 14:50:28 2007)
IM STILL LAFING!!! i love this one!!
From: Emily (Sun Oct 7 21:15:17 2007)
"He got OFF! He got OFF. HE GOT OFF!"

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