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Meeting Luna Lovegood

Meeting Luna Lovegood

Description : I think Luna Lovegood is one of JK's best characters. She's so interesting and quirky and unpredictable.
From: Administrator (admin) (Wed Oct 27 01:34:50 2004)
Originally posted by Crookshanks1177/Stephany
Tue Oct 12 14:28:03 2004
She's so pretty :)
From: misslovegood (Sat Dec 11 17:08:31 2004)
I love how you do Luna. She's exactly as I imagine her. Your stuff just gets better and better.
From: Quibbler Reader (Wed Jan 19 23:42:13 2005)
My only problem I have with your version of Luna is that theose lines under her eyes mayke her look kind of sick and emaciated. She's just got big eyes, IMO... with a kind of crazy look in them. :p Otherwsie, that's how I picture her.
From: filius (from CoS) (Fri Jan 28 23:31:39 2005)
That picture is just perfect. Excellent job!
From: LB_Phoenix (Fri Apr 8 20:04:41 2005)
Luna! I love her so much. She's such a fascinating and wonderful character! You caught her character beautifully! Well done!
From: littlemae (Thu Aug 11 02:38:36 2005)
I quite like the way you draw Luna. She's always been a favourite of mine. So cute, quirky and odd.
From: charlotte (Tue May 30 11:14:43 2006)
Ever right to see Luna
From: KatzMeowe205 (Wed Jun 14 19:03:24 2006)
I always imagine Luna wearing a really strange, flowing dress or skirt on the Horgwarts Express instead of jeans. But does JKR ever specify what she's wearing at the time?
From: lunna (Sun Jul 30 16:43:58 2006)
i agree with you, shes not apreceated enogh for being herself, insane and wierd,
a lot like me;)
From: lunna (Sun Jul 30 16:45:13 2006)
again me
i just dont think her hair is curly, no offence but she still is like i imagend her you did a great job ;)
From: Elise (Mon Jul 31 16:18:32 2006)
Well, in the book it describes her hair as waist length and wavy, I think Drew was trying to portray that here.
From: lunna (Mon Jul 31 21:53:03 2006)
i agree
but i think u should do more luna drawings
shes not apreceated enough
From: potterfreak (Sun Oct 8 16:27:23 2006)
its great.
From: caitlyn (Sun Apr 1 23:21:52 2007)
luan is so cool!!!
me and her relate quite a bit. LOL!!
From: Ginny Potter (Wed Aug 15 14:00:29 2007)
How is it that every picture you have drawn is like stepping into my imagination?
you know me like you know the Harry Potter series
From: sak (Tue Aug 21 07:59:50 2007)
ooohhhh......just like I imagined him!!!!
From: sak (Tue Aug 21 08:00:34 2007)
I mean HER.....sooo sorry!!!!!!!11
From: hogwarts girl (Thu Sep 27 14:53:10 2007)
ooo lunna is one of my fav characters...drew i agree j.k.r made a great character in luna she is soo adorable
From: Emily (Sun Oct 7 21:16:58 2007)
Exactly how I pictured her except I thought she'd have straight hair. Amazing picture.
From: Administrator (admin) (Tue Oct 9 14:04:34 2007)
I will repeat: Well, in the book it describes her hair as waist length and wavy, I think Drew was trying to portray that here.

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