Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix  
Harry meets Neville's mother and gran on the Closed Ward of St. Mungo's

Harry meets Neville's mother and gran on the Closed Ward of St. Mungo's

From: Emma (Tue Oct 19 10:44:56 2004)
This is one of the saddest parts of the book. I love the way this picture turned out. Poor Neville...
From: Lily Evans (Mon Nov 8 17:37:46 2004)
I cried at this part of the book... I can't BELIEVE what Neville must be going through. Great pic though!
From: NCMcGonagall (Fri Mar 4 14:33:10 2005)
Again the facial expressions are incredible, telling everything we need to know about the scene.
From: HermionePower (Sat Mar 5 04:35:42 2005)
This is so sad...:( Nice picture!
From: Rose (Thu Mar 17 21:27:55 2005)
I cried so hard at this part. Poor poor Neville. He is actually one of my favorite characters. He represents everything innocent and good. Your drawing capured it very well. His mother...:(
From: Gabby (Sun Mar 27 16:59:23 2005)
just wow
From: Agatha Bluestar (Mon May 23 13:13:25 2005)
This one is just perfect! Neville looks so sad and the look of his mother just tells you how bad in a condition she is. As for his grandmother, no wonder he fears her second to Snape. Great picture!

Ps: I just love her hat -laughs remembering the scene in PoA-
From: Roon (Mon Jul 11 19:53:47 2005)
I love how patient Gran looks in this scene. I like her a tadbit better now. As for Neville and Alice, just hugs. Hugs and hugs.
From: Administrator (admin) (Mon Jul 11 22:23:57 2005)
Yeah, I tend to think she has a tough exterior, but on the inside she's something of a softy, or at least has a soft spot or two (at least when visiting the Closed Ward...).
From: darkxmoon (Thu Jul 28 15:15:02 2005)
Was any one else mad as his granny for being almost cold to Neville in this part ?
From: Ela (Tue Sep 20 09:32:55 2005)
This is the saddest part in the book, about his Mom. Very touching
From: lunyl0veg00d (Fri Sep 30 07:38:38 2005)
this part is soooo sad and you pictured it perfectly!
From: Ginevra Weasley (Wed May 31 11:24:36 2006)
the exchange between Neville and his Mum just saps me emotionally... it's heartbreaking. Poor Neville. you can see him hunched, resigned to never really knowing his parents... while they're right there. he works so hard for them... you just want to know what they're really thinking. Wow. This is incredible, Drew. Really.
From: lunna (Sun Jul 30 17:01:37 2006)
i feel so badly for neville:'but u did this pic perfectly
From: potterfreak (Sun Oct 8 16:55:42 2006)
so sad, i felt like crying when i read it.
From: Ginny potter (Sat Dec 23 12:20:10 2006)
this is absolutely touching! oooh! my eyes went wet when i read the scene and now... when i saw the scene.
U r really marvellous artist.
From: Amber (Thu May 3 01:59:27 2007)
I never knew which predicament would hurt more, Harry's or Neville's. Either way, this is too touching for words.
From: Nyoka (Sat Aug 11 08:18:33 2007)
I think that it's heart-breaking what was done to his parents. And it's even sadder that they don't remember that he's their son. You've really captured the moment. Nice job.
From: sak (Tue Aug 21 12:18:57 2007)
poor Neville.............

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