Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix  
Luna is among the only students at Hogwarts that can see the thestrals

Luna is among the only students at Hogwarts that can see the thestrals

From: McBeth from CoSForums (Tue Oct 12 11:55:07 2004)
Oh, wow. I really love the thestral - not to skeletal - and Luna facial expression and hair are just superb. Her hands are nicely done - those are hard to draw! Fantastic piece of art!
From: MissRedundant (Sun Feb 6 16:25:19 2005)
Awwww again!
From: shmink (Sun Feb 13 14:28:43 2005)
Ditto McBeth - The beauty of Luna's serene quirkiness really shines through in this piece.
From: Saphy (Tue Feb 15 14:47:20 2005)
I love the lack of pupils in the thestral's eyes. Suitably creepy. Well done!
From: 2angry2cry (Thu Mar 24 13:04:16 2005)
You made a good job with Luna, but I have to say that I don't like that much the way you're picturing the thestrals, they're far scarier in my imagination, I think you're maing them a bit more horse-like then reptile-like, work a bit on it!
Don't take it bad, it's only an opinion.
From: kate (Wed May 4 03:08:10 2005)
i adore luna!! she actually reminds me a bit of me...oh well i am quirky!!
From: Roon (Mon Jul 11 20:30:44 2005)
I love your Luna. You really illustrate how at peace she is with herself. Life has dealt her a lot at a young age, but she is dealing and comfortable in her own skin. This pose with the horrific Thestral really illustrates that. Well done, again.
From: lunna (Sun Jul 30 17:17:23 2006)
love it love it love it
its just so perfect
From: Ellakkat (Wed Aug 9 16:26:23 2006)
have I told you how much I love your luna's? They rock. And the thestral is quite ideal as well.
From: sak (Sun Sep 2 12:08:48 2007)
I too love your drawing of Luna....The thestral are perfect!!!!
From: Emily (Sun Oct 7 21:31:38 2007)
The thestral, and Luna are beautiful. And yes, a thestral can be beautiful. Lions and tigers are beautiful, so are cats. Why not skelatal-almost-invisible horse thingies?

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