Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix  
Harry and Hermy meet Grawp

Harry and Hermy meet Grawp

From: Elfinstyne (Tue Feb 15 13:38:07 2005)
I love how you balanced Harry and Hagrid, to the size of Grawp. Great picture :)
From: HermionePower (Sat Mar 5 04:39:25 2005)
From: Mycha_kk (Tue Jul 5 14:10:28 2005)
yep, this is awesome!

From: darlxmoon (Thu Jul 28 15:23:12 2005)
He wasn't THAT much taller...was he ?
From: Administrator (admin) (Thu Jul 28 16:24:59 2005)
Around 16 feet tall, I believe he was described as. If Harry and Hermione are around 5 feet tall, he would be about three times as tall as them. If Hagrid were about 10 feet tall, Grawp would be just less than twice his height.
From: KatzMeowe205 (Wed Jun 14 19:36:09 2006)
I always saw Grawp as being a bit more shapeless, due to JKR's description of him.
From: lunna (Sun Jul 30 17:11:40 2006)
i think hermiones face was done very well
exactly as i pictured it
grawp could use a little work though
From: umm (Sat Feb 10 12:47:06 2007)
im not going to lie, grawp is nothing like a pictured him. isnt he supposed to have about no neck? and i saw him as more..round, for sure..and more..childish? but the work itself is great as always. i like hagrid/harry/hermione a lot.
From: sak (Wed Aug 22 08:30:59 2007)
nice....well done...

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