Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix  
Harry is pulled out of the fire to find the gang's plan has gone horribly wrong

Harry is pulled out of the fire to find the gang's plan has gone horribly wrong

Description : This is one of the first requests I ever did. It's a lot of characters, and I was nervous at first, but I think it turned out all right in the end! Thanks, Harrietta Potter, for the request!
From: Harrietta Potter (Wed Aug 18 01:05:43 2004)
WHOOOOOOO nelly! You really have outdone yourself this time ag! SImply outstanding! You should be making big bucks somewhere, because talent like yours should not go unoticed!
From: miss.h.granger (Mon Aug 23 16:28:02 2004)
I love all you workb ut harriet says talent likes yours should not go unnoticed AMAZING!!!!!!
From: godrics hollow (Wed Sep 1 23:41:17 2004)
I especailly love Luna- very true to the book
From: Gylfie (Mon Oct 4 21:18:25 2004)
P.s.You know Ginny looks like nothing would please her more than to punch Draco.
From: Mandy (Sat Oct 16 01:55:39 2004)
Haha I love this one! That's just like how I pictured it in the book. :) Its amazing!
From: NightOwl (Sat Oct 30 00:49:14 2004)
Captured beautifully. The best I have seen from any artist trying to capture the same scene! Have those hands of yours insured!
From: Lily Evans (Mon Nov 8 17:44:32 2004)
WOW!!!! This time you really did it ALL! AMAZING WORK!!!
From: hb (Tue Nov 16 16:52:33 2004)
again! loving lunas expression! :D
From: Ninny Treetops (Mon Nov 22 23:07:35 2004)
Uh! The uglyness of Bulstrode! Marvellous! I really did laugh out loud when I saw this. Wonderful picture! The composition and the different poses are just wow! I couldn't do that.
From: misslovegood (Sat Dec 11 17:18:27 2004)
I'll get a thesaurus, but seriously, perfect, I'm speechless, etc. Love it completely.
From: papilion (Sat Dec 25 09:19:29 2004)
I'm speechless. Such a complex composition and incredibly well-done!
From: shmink (Sun Feb 13 14:26:07 2005)
This is incredible - one of your best! I think everything I wanted to say has been said already. *claps* Oh, and I just noticed Umbridge is popping the buttons on her cardigan! :D
From: Remus Lupin (Sat Feb 26 18:38:43 2005)
Gaah, Fight back! FIGHT BACK!
From: HermionePower (Sat Mar 5 04:41:33 2005)
My second favorite! LOVE IT!
From: Gabby (Sun Mar 27 17:05:04 2005)
Bloody amazing! this is the best piece of fanart iv'e seen in a LONG time!!! Kudos!
From: Katsumi (Thu Mar 31 14:27:32 2005)
Wow--this is one of the first unbiased depictions of the whole gang together that I've ever seen. You've got Hermione cowering (as she usually does) and Ginny looking daggers... it's just so characteristic.
I can't get over how well you've done Umbridge. It's exactly how I pictured her.
From: Shadowboxer (Sat Apr 2 20:31:40 2005)
Hehehe! I love Neville in the choke hold! There is a real attention to detail.
From: terbear2005hp (Sat May 7 23:22:33 2005)
so much detail! wow! and true to the book even w/ all of those characters to keep track of! well done!
From: Roon (Mon Jul 11 20:27:05 2005)
My imagination is so limited .. this scene looks so much more crowded than it does in my mind! That's why you are the artist and I am the wannabe. I love the cardigan buttons, the choke hold, and Harry's carefully casual pose. And Ginny. Priceless. I started loving her in the scene just before this one (the garroting gas scene), and you captured exactly why.
From: Administrator (admin) (Mon Jul 11 22:14:36 2005)
Ha ha! I just reread that part about Ginny and the gas. I think this book I also started to REALLY fall for her character. She's really come out of her shell.
From: Kay (Tue Oct 18 13:20:34 2005)
"NOBODY EXPECTS THE HOGWARTS INQUISITION" (I've always wanted to say that)
From: Gryffindor Heiress (Thu May 11 09:02:41 2006)
I always loved this scene in the book and it looks better than i imagined. I love how Luna looks like theres a wand being held to her back and that Umbridge is popping out of her shirt.
Perfect (3
From: Confounding (Wed Jul 5 20:24:19 2006)
Wow. Wowie wow wow. This is AMAZINGLY fantastacly incredible!I LOVE Ginny. I adore Luna aand I'm in awe at Harry.
From: lunna (Sun Jul 30 17:15:49 2006)
wo this is fantastic
could u do a pic of lunacarrying neville to the funeral of dmboledoor
i think luna and neville are perfect for each other
From: Nymphadora_lupin (Sat Dec 23 12:50:07 2006)
i really liked everybody's facial xpressions.
How the inquistorial squad gives a WE-HAVE-DONE-IT look, how ginny is looking at draco n how pansy is stopping hermione, evrything is at its posiion... just the way it should be.
From: Hannah (Mon Mar 19 16:35:01 2007)
perfect descriptions of everyone! I especially luv Luna!
From: sak (Sun Sep 2 12:01:12 2007)
I love the way you've expressed fury through their eyes, even though they are a tied up!

From: Maddie C. (Tue Aug 4 12:32:34 2009)
Very nice!

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