Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix  
The kids ride the thestrals to the Ministry of Magic

The kids ride the thestrals to the Ministry of Magic

Description : I decided (after seeing another artist's interpretation) not to include the thestrals under the kids who can't see them. I love Luna riding side-saddle.
From: tonks442 (Sun Jan 23 03:41:37 2005)
Really nice. I like how you can only just see where the other thestrals are. Lovely!
From: magically me (Sun Feb 13 08:00:23 2005)
Is that Ron or Neville whose just about fallen off? Anyway, Luna looks awesome!! (Can you tell I'm a Luna fan?)
From: Administrator (admin) (Sun Feb 13 14:49:15 2005)
That's definitely Ron. I only drew the actual thestrals under the kids who could actually see them. Since Neville can see them, the characters in this drawing would be Ron, Ginny, Harry and Luna.
From: : ) (Wed Mar 16 23:20:07 2005)
What a lovely picture of Luna's unique brand of serenity and weirdness!
From: gma81 (Wed Aug 3 18:12:58 2005)
the thestrals' wings are awesome, and i love luna, she looks like she's riding a carosel horse, she's so calm and happy!!
From: Andrea (Mon Aug 29 10:01:40 2005)
I love how Luna simply treats odd occurences as normal, everyday events. You've captured that trait perfectly. Excellent work!
From: Emma Snape (Sat Sep 10 11:45:13 2005)
The thestrals look fantastic. Clever idea about only drawing them under the people that would be able to see them.
From: Harry (Wed Oct 5 21:08:06 2005)
Love the idea of only drawing Luna and Harry's thestrals. It makes it seem more real!
From: lunna (Sun Jul 30 17:18:09 2006)
i agrre with the harry dude
i love how luna looks like she did this every day :P
From: question? (Mon Feb 12 19:56:34 2007)
why isnt neville included just wondering
From: Elise (Wed Feb 21 23:41:51 2007)
Same reason Hermione isn't. Lack of space, most likely.
From: sak (Sun Sep 2 12:17:03 2007)
OOOh........very nice!!!

I luv the Shocked expression on Ginny's face, while ron's terrified look add's to the pic...but most of all the look on Luna's face as if 'riding on thestral's to the ministry is perfectly normal' is the best!!!!!!!!!

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