Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix  
Uncle Vernon attacks Harry for the un-ordinary noises in the garden

Uncle Vernon attacks Harry for the un-ordinary noises in the garden

Description : One of my only drawings of Vernon and Petunia Dursley.
From: Crookshanks1177/Stephany (Tue Oct 12 15:03:55 2004)
Great pic...lol Uncle Vernon slightly r%minds me of one o& my uncles in this pic :P
From: Iasvegashussy (Sun Nov 7 21:57:29 2004)
You got Harry's expression perfectly lol it's so funny and cute.
From: magically me (Sun Feb 13 07:53:55 2005)
Heh... its one my aunts who looks like Petunia that is scary... I always call her and her family the Dursleys in secret. Anyway, its a really cute pic.
From: shmink (Sun Feb 13 13:17:53 2005)
Made me laugh out loud! Petunia looks very horsey... great job!
From: Rose (Thu Mar 17 21:01:51 2005)
Ha ha! Aunt Petunia looks hilarious!
From: Miri (Wed Mar 23 17:12:10 2005)
Ugh, Petunia really does look like a horse. Good job. Uncle Vernon's downright scary, he's perfect! They're just the way they're described in the book.
From: Jolein (Tue May 31 03:12:06 2005)
Haha ! I love the look on Harry's face !
You're really good!
From: C_Shacklebolt (Sat Aug 13 22:51:14 2005)
Haha, looks like a moment from The Simpsons...
Vernon: "Why you little--" ::throttles Harry::
Very nice.
From: anon. (Sun Nov 27 23:31:27 2005)
like it, but if you're looking for crits. i'd say harry's a little to thick set [i know, he's not heavy but he looks rather normal, i always pictured him as a skrawny kid] and petunia looks a little bit like a man, i think more of her hair needs to be showing, great job on the horse resemblence though
From: sak (Mon Aug 6 03:59:30 2007)

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