Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix  
The Super Squad comes to the rescue

The Super Squad comes to the rescue

From: Administrator (admin) (Wed Oct 27 01:29:53 2004)
Originally posted by Harrietta Potter
Wed Aug 18 00:07:20 2004
AAAHHH! THis one is AWESOME! Tonks looks so cool! I usually didn't like her that much, but picturing her like that makes her so lovable! And Sirius looks great! And wow! Look at Mad Eye Moody! He is quite a piece of work!

Originally posted by Lyssa
Wed Oct 13 15:05:29 2004
No offense or anything, but Kingsley looks like an alien.
From: Administrator (admin) (Wed Oct 27 01:30:24 2004)
None taken.... In fact, I kind of think you're right. But then again, it is rather a wonky scan. Maybe he looks a little more normal in reality. But hey, you could still tell it was supposed to be Kingsley, eh? :)
From: Lily Evans (Mon Nov 8 17:48:18 2004)
Sirius and Tonks look SO COOL! I love them!
From: hb (Tue Nov 16 16:55:49 2004)
love siriusī expression, he looks worried, and agry..love it *sniff*
From: Me (Wed Feb 23 17:45:34 2005)
Love them all....Especially Tonks and Sirius.
*pokes Moody's eye* Heh.
From: s_potter (Sat Mar 12 13:57:51 2005)
Love this! Isn't that just a great part of the book when they come to the rescue!? Moody's eye is great!
From: Gabby (Sun Mar 27 17:08:03 2005)
poor Lupin! and i always pictured kingsley as heavier-set, with broader shoulders, you know.... But amazing anyway!
From: Agatha Bluestar (Sat May 28 16:33:43 2005)
Kingsley looks like one of the players from the Harry Potter Quidditch game who belonged to the team of the United States. I love how they all look!
From: gma81 (Wed Aug 3 18:22:40 2005)
i love tonks!! she is so cool!! it looks like she has eye makeup on or something, she is pretty, but also such a good fighter!!!!
From: Maggie (Fri Aug 5 16:37:09 2005)
I kinda think Tonks tried to make fun of Mad-Eye, cause she looks like she's a fake eye too. ;) Just kidding. It's great, but I agree that Kingsley seemed to me more broad.
From: lunna (Sun Jul 30 17:21:40 2006)
i love how tonks looks like she gonna pull some kung fu out of no where lol:P
From: sak (Wed Sep 5 12:29:34 2007)
Tonk's is the best!!!!!!

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