Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban  
A Dementor searches the train for Sirius Black

A Dementor searches the train for Sirius Black

From: HuYahh (Sun Feb 6 14:39:24 2005)
Ooh, Harry's face is good. Sort of a blind, numbing stupor...
From: wolf of the moon (Fri Jul 1 10:57:29 2005)
hey that's great. just want ya to know there were more than just the trio and lupin. ginny and neville were there too...
From: Administrator (admin) (Fri Jul 8 13:28:42 2005)
Ah, right! I was getting slightly confused by the movie. Actually.... erm... just imagine that Neville and Ginny are there, just in the back.... yeah, that's it... :)
From: Emma Snape (Sun Sep 11 07:31:55 2005)
EEK scary Dementor!!! *Hides* Great pic!
From: V (Thu May 18 15:16:08 2006)
The dementor's hand looks tatooed...why's that?
From: I Luv Snuffles (Wed Nov 22 19:06:44 2006)
Harry face looks good! I luv the expressions they all have! The details on the DEMENTOR are scary good!

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