Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban  
The Weasleys use their prize money to take a well-deserved trip to Egypt to visit Bill (and provide a fateful clue for Sirius...)

The Weasleys use their prize money to take a well-deserved trip to Egypt to visit Bill (and provide a fateful clue for Sirius...)

From: TPK (Thu Jul 28 03:21:11 2005)
Your Percy is such a prat. I love it.

Have you ever considered doing a sketch of Harry on the Knight Bus? I'd like to see how you interpret Stan Shunpike.
From: em. j. (Sat Jul 30 03:46:38 2005)
This would be amazing in color! And you have consistantly impressed me with your style and how accurate you have captured the characters that I envision. Thank you for your amazing talent and exposing some of my favorite moments from the books, that the movies have missed!
From: littlemae (Thu Aug 11 01:35:17 2005)
Oh my, I love this one! Oh, Percy, Ron- just everyone- so well done!
From: Harry (Thu Oct 6 17:32:12 2005)
Love it ;)
From: Kay (Mon Oct 17 22:05:58 2005)
Love Percy in the fez
From: Ginevra Weasley (Wed May 31 10:43:05 2006)
This is great! I love everyone's clothes, and Mrs. Weasley looks so motherly! i love Mr. Weasley's comb-over! the expressions on Fred, George, and Percy are perfect.... almost like a real moving Wizard pic.
From: Poli Granger Evans (Fri Jul 14 19:48:22 2006)
From: Snuffles (Wed Nov 22 19:03:24 2006)
I luv it!! The Weasleys look like they are having fun in Egypt visiting Bill!
From: Nymphadora Tonks (Sun Dec 3 10:05:55 2006)
very nice but your percy ,ginny, and bill look lovely
From: nymphadora_lupin (Sun Dec 31 02:33:46 2006)
u r superb drew!!!
From: nics_32 (Thu Feb 22 04:13:37 2007)
Egypt ha?!?!..
From: Amber (Thu May 3 01:06:48 2007)
I'm in love with this. Absolute love.

Would you be interested in doing a picture for like... Every scene so I have things to look at while I read? I'd be my indebted.

;) Kidding... sorta.
From: Amber (Thu May 3 01:07:09 2007)
*I'd be much indebted. Not my. :D
From: Emma Jane (Tue Jul 31 16:48:26 2007)
I love it! Exactly what I pictured when I read the book.
From: kendra D. (Tue Aug 21 22:54:28 2007)
is percy wearing his school uniform? to a family vaacation?

heheh...lovely drawing btw, i wuld giv anything 2 draw lyk dis.!
From: hogwarts girl (Wed Sep 26 22:53:32 2007)
omg mow thats a wizard family!! everyone is perfect!! i espeacily like fred and george =]
From: Hermioneluver (Fri Sep 28 17:40:55 2007)
From: loonyloopylupin (Wed Aug 19 10:59:51 2009)
kendra D., I think you're right about Percy....he WOULD wear his school uniform to a family vacation, hahaha.

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