Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban  
A colored version of Expecto Patronum

A colored version of Expecto Patronum

Description : This was just an experiment to see if I could get some of my scans colored decently. I didn't give too much thought to light source or color, I just sort of threw it together, but decided to include it here nonetheless.
From: Raven Blaise (Tue Feb 1 03:37:54 2005)
I like it when you do these in color. They just make your drawings come alive even more. This reminds me of a certain outfit that a certain boy I know wears quite frequently, did you use him as a model? :-)
From: That'sSoHarry (Sun Feb 6 14:50:21 2005)
Even better than the original!
From: i like hermione (Sun Feb 20 12:18:56 2005)
Hallo, Hermione how are ya?
Love, Bryce
From: harrypotterrocks (Sat Dec 3 11:19:01 2005)
From: Johnnyboy (Tue Aug 21 16:39:44 2007)
Nice, but this seems like its based off a movie, which, if you don't mind me saying, shows somewhat of a lack of creativity, which is odd because most of your other drawings seem very original
From: Elise (Sat Aug 25 19:14:01 2007)
Well, if you have looked around the website, you will see that most drawings are NOT inspired by the movie, which shows that Drew is very much NOT lacking in creativity, but shows indeed how talented he is indeed, because he can separate both his imagination AND the movie.

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