Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban  
Hermione and Ron head to Hogsmeade without Harry

Hermione and Ron head to Hogsmeade without Harry

Description : Obviously inspired by the movie, I thought their winter attire was charming.
From: HIMBG (Sun Feb 6 14:41:42 2005)
From: TTLJEL (Fri Dec 23 13:39:04 2005)
I am so Jealous! Aren't you?!? Keep drawing!
From: I Luv Snuffles (Wed Nov 22 19:18:04 2006)
From: nics_32 (Thu Feb 22 04:16:38 2007)
To tell you the truth!!!...I hate them as a pair...
From: Matt (Tue Aug 21 16:36:29 2007)
Nice drawing but it seems very influenced by the movie...
From: Elise (Sat Aug 25 19:15:04 2007)
If you actually READ the description, is says "Obviously inspired by the movie," so there you have it. Heaven forbid Drew draws a few drawings from the movie...
From: hogwarts girl (Wed Sep 26 23:08:33 2007)
i must say that i agree w/elise..ppl yall really should read the description before commenting... and btw nics_32 i love them as a couple they were made for eachother seeing as rons a big joker and tho i love him hes not the britest =] and hermione is really strict and serious they balance eachother..oposites attract =]
From: hogwarts girl (Wed Sep 26 23:09:31 2007)
great drawing..they look like they dont no how to act around eachother wen harrys not there =] love it
From: Hermione Weasley (Fri Oct 26 18:25:49 2007)
You're really good, I am so jealous. It looks just like the scence from the movie.

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