Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone  
Harry and Hermione encounter Snapes Potion obstacle on the way to the Sorcerer's Stone

Harry and Hermione encounter Snapes Potion obstacle on the way to the Sorcerer's Stone

From: Stephany (Sun Oct 17 21:10:59 2004)
Lol again I love the expressions. Hermione is sticking her tongue out concentrating. That just cracks me up. I love it.
From: annelisse (Sat Jan 1 20:31:08 2005)
Ha! I love Harry in this one...
From: Saphy (Tue Feb 15 12:34:11 2005)
Very cute. I like Hermione's expression; I do the same thing when I'm concentrating on something. ^^; Well done!
From: check1two3 (Sun Feb 20 20:44:24 2005)
Hehehe... this one makes me laugh! It's so cute, so accurate... :D ;) :)
From: terbear2005hp (Sat May 7 17:41:01 2005)
this is great!!! harry looks so lost! wonderful expressions, that's my downfall but i4 give you no problems at all! good job!!
From: anon. (Sun Jan 22 21:03:41 2006)
what's happening with harry's legs? slip with the pen or is it abstract?
From: Administrator (admin) (Sun Jan 22 23:34:12 2006)
Actually, what you might be looking at is the curved leg of the table (look at the leg in front of Hermione and you'll get a good idea of it). Half of Harry's left leg and arm are hidden behind the table and the table's leg.
From: roonil wazlib (Thu Jun 29 11:47:02 2006)
awww, harry's con-fuzzled!
From: Elisey-Poo (Mon Jul 3 19:04:59 2006)
Think Hermione. Do what you do best!
From: lunna (Tue Aug 1 16:35:28 2006)
i like how u made hermiones toung sticking out
harry looks really confused :S
From: critic (Tue Sep 5 22:36:55 2006)
From: person (Sat Oct 7 20:51:18 2006)
they look soo nervous. it captures the story well.
From: loonyloopylupin (Tue Aug 7 14:55:43 2007)
Very characteristic of both Harry and Hermione. Harry looks cute when he's confused! Personally, I was mad that they left this part out of the movies. But there were seven potion bottles, weren't there?
From: hogwarts girl (Wed Sep 26 21:46:41 2007)
harry looks exactly like i pictured him poor guy hes so confused lol
From: Kim Jewell (Thu Oct 25 13:33:16 2007)
they left the troll out of the movie too(After the potions not at halloween)
From: kim jewell (Mon Oct 29 20:33:29 2007)
before the potions sorry
From: mrs.malfoy (Sat Nov 3 00:46:06 2007)
i see y harry is confused! i puzzled over this page for,like, 30 min. and still didnt get it!

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