Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone  
Harry is carried to safety by Firenze

Harry is carried to safety by Firenze

From: Tweetybird25 (Mon Jul 26 20:50:03 2004)
Oh, I love this picture! Centaurs are easily one of my favorite fantasy creatures.
From: weasley_fan (Mon Feb 14 22:14:59 2005)
definitely more how I pictured the centaurs. Thank you for this, the movie almost ruined Firenze (sp?) as a character for me.
From: Tabby Bee (Mon Mar 28 10:16:49 2005)
Firenze in the movie, to simply put it, (in my opinion) SUCKED!! You could barely see him and he hardly talked at all.

Yes, I am in a rant mood today.
From: terbear2005hp (Sat May 7 17:37:24 2005)
i agree, in the movie he looked like a monkey or something!!!! the book says clearly he's good looking and he's blonde! i hope wb fixes what he looks like by the 5th one!!! good job you did the character justice exactly how i imagined him!
From: roonil wazlib (Thu Jun 29 11:45:40 2006)
mmm-mm! give me a ride firenze!
From: Elise (Mon Jul 3 19:04:13 2006)
HAHA! I like it Roonil Wazlib! I love Harry in this picture. It reminds me of just how youthful he is in his first year, and shows the progression in later drawings of how much older and mature he is.
From: lunna (Tue Aug 1 16:34:38 2006)
i agree with roonil wazlib ^_^
From: Kim Jewell (Thu Oct 25 13:28:00 2007)
are you awere that in the 6th book that a malfuncioning quill of fred + george's created the name roonil wazlib when ron tried to write his name, the qoute does not fit the name you should have gone for lavender or pavarti as your cover name.
From: mrs.malfoy (Sat Nov 3 00:42:38 2007)
roonil waslib is awsome!!!!!!!!
From: Jay Strong (Sat Apr 5 22:43:34 2008)
Who cares about their name the drawing is cool and thats what matters.

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