The Lord of the Rings  


From: Harrietta Potter (Thu Oct 14 15:51:15 2004)
Photoshopped!?! She looks amazing! Such brilliant expression and character in her face.
From: Stephany (Wed Oct 27 20:22:51 2004)
Yes I agree she looks amazing! You are very good with expressions of your charecters!
From: StephyJ (Sun Nov 7 19:17:23 2004)
This is wonderful! I love LOTR, and this is more of how I pictured Eowyn.
From: Chloe (Thu Nov 18 10:32:40 2004)
I love the look on her face, the sadness and pain mixed with yet yearning and loneliness. And i seriously have no clue what that means- but nevertheless Eowyn is one of my favorite characters, and i am glad that you have brought her into your little world of creativity.
From: Another Artist (Thu Jul 14 22:32:07 2005)
My goodness! The moment of confusion in a womans face is one of the hardest things to put on paper! I know...I've tried. Being a woman doesn't make it any easier, you capture the "searching for answers" perfectly! Plus the Dress!! I love it! you are an amazing Artist. I hope you enjoy your talent.
From: Administrator (admin) (Thu Jul 14 23:02:04 2005)
I do enjoy it! And I'm glad to hear you do, too.
From: becca (Tue Jul 26 17:54:28 2005)
oh it looks so beautiful!! No wonder you enjoy it, you should! I think you're such a good artist. I am an artist 2! Except...who would ever think of quiet, mysterious Becca? *sigh*
From: LOTR fan (Tue Nov 29 16:32:55 2005)
I love this picture. You've perfectly captured Eowyn's expression - you can almost tell she's looking back at Aragorn, thus the conflicted emotions. It's amazing how a talented artist can capture so much with a simple drawing. I've really enjoyed seeing your work!
From: Gryffindor heiress (Wed Apr 26 07:20:48 2006)
I hate LotR but I love this piccy
From: Madame Raven (Thu May 24 09:05:06 2007)
Lovely,cause i think this is the book version, cause the movie eowyn sucks.
From: Madame Raven (Tue Aug 14 15:17:55 2007)
THAT WASN´T ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!It was my brother, who totally hates LOTR.
I love this and Eowyn just rocks.
She´s on my list of favorite female characters ever,but the three main of the list are(with no order)Hermione of Harry Potter,Raven from Teen Titans and Elphaba from Wicked!
From: Madame Raven (Tue Aug 14 15:18:25 2007)
But i also like many others, too.

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