The Lord of the Rings  


From: Dany (Sat Aug 28 04:24:31 2004)
I really like this drawing. I love the flowers at the bottom of her dress.
From: Lani (Tue Jan 25 20:45:06 2005)
Wow. I can't believe you actually drew Goldberry - just because I've never actually seen someone draw her before, but she looks exactly how I imagined her to be.
From: Nestle Tollhouse (Tue Feb 1 02:36:01 2005)
This is a gorgeous drawing, I really love it. Yes...I now want that dress. I love the belt and am so jealous of the hair. Once again, you have caught a beautiful creature on paper.
From: Evita (Sat Feb 26 23:15:51 2005)
I must agree with Lani, it is a pleasent suprise to see Goldberry. She has a very small part in the books but I do love her. I think it would be extremely interesting to actually here her history.There is something youthful about her that Galadrial doesnt have. Presumably Goldberry is the older of the two so do you think she whethered the world better than the Elf-Queen? Or maybe its all the flowers her husband brings home to her as apposed to Celeborn??

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