The Magician's Nephew  


Description : Diggory and Polly approach the Bell in the ruined palace
From: HermionePower (Thu Nov 24 16:06:56 2005)
From: Viktorius (Sat Mar 4 23:22:43 2006)
Is that Jadis in the corner?
From: oooo (Thu Mar 16 08:22:49 2006)
From: jc (Thu Apr 13 11:19:13 2006)
this is on page 59
From: Mitch (Thu May 11 19:27:06 2006)
Sweet work, dude.
From: Girl_X (Sat Jul 1 17:43:50 2006)
I like the way the kids are portrayed.
From: some random person (Tue Jan 9 22:18:13 2007)
This is amazing! You have a great talent! I'm a great fan of C. S. Lewis and the Chronicles of Narnia and this is really close to how I pictured Jill!
From: E. Potte (Wed Jan 23 09:19:59 2008)
Awesome! It`s all I can say;)

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