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Best Reunion Ever

Best Reunion Ever

From: StephyJ (Sat Jul 29 02:14:57 2006)
Who's that?
From: Elise (Sat Jul 29 11:27:27 2006)
That happens to be his coolest sister EVER!!! When Drew and she were reunited after not seeing eachother for a grueling two months, for a short two hours of happiness, then wrenched apart for another 22 months... Sigh... life isn't fair.
From: emo:beth (Mon Nov 6 18:19:03 2006)
From: Miri (Mon Jan 22 14:54:29 2007)
Ah, Lili. Ever the drama queen. :)
From: Administrator (admin) (Fri Jan 26 14:04:48 2007)
OH you know it Miri! -Love, Lili

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