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HP missionaries

HP missionaries

From: StephyJ (Sat Jul 29 02:14:16 2006)
That's hilarious! I love it!!! This is officially one of my favorites!
From: (Mon Jul 31 15:55:27 2006)
This is great. The sisters shoes are perfect.
From: mione_bookworm (Sat Aug 26 15:00:41 2006)
aaw, I'm glad you're back! yay I knew there was something up with you not updating...
From: Kimmers (Sat Sep 9 17:27:50 2006)
That makes me so happy!
From: Elise (Wed Sep 13 14:42:10 2006)
To Mione_bookworm... Technically, Drew isn't back... I have been doing updates for him... But definately keep checking back for more updates.
From: sum_insana (Mon Oct 9 11:41:28 2006)
i love it! i always knew wizards were really mormon!
From: TPK (Tue Oct 24 17:04:54 2006)
Well, we are pretty magical... :)
From: emo:beth (Mon Nov 6 18:17:04 2006)
From: Tom (Sun Jan 21 04:43:48 2007)
Ah, Drew.... I knew it was only a matter of time...

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