Will in 3D  
Will Talk

Will Talk

From: shmink (Fri Apr 8 22:29:31 2005)
Reminds me of Buzz Lightyear.
From: griffiegrrl (Mon Apr 18 15:34:11 2005)
No, reminds me of one of Casper the ghosts Uncles.. The leader one, you know? lol XD Sounds like a woman. Very cute! :D
From: Melanie (Tue Jan 23 17:04:09 2007)
I love that movie! Singin' In The Rain, right?
From: apologetic critic (Wed Apr 18 17:56:56 2007)
that line is not only great, but this is your one bit of animation where you get a real bit of life in the character. Not that your other stuff is bad, but I really like that last half of the line where he cocks his head and eyebrow--it's just right.

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