Me and Jasmine at the Disney-MGM Studios

Me and Jasmine at the Disney-MGM Studios

From: Mandarin (Thu Sep 2 00:25:47 2004)
I always knew you had the hots for Jasmine! Very good likeness of both of you.
From: Jaime (Wed Feb 16 07:48:49 2005)
I love this one!! I still have my sketch hanging in my room! I love all of them!!! I would love to add the others on this page to my Drew collection!! Miss you in Florida!!!
From: Marina (Mon Oct 9 10:32:11 2006)
wow!! awsome Piece of art work just like mine i love drawing alsorts of animation anime n mix, n i especially love your art work itz great, ur a great inspiration
From: sak (Thu Dec 13 06:29:14 2007)!

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