Jasmine (done with PrismaColor markers)

Jasmine (done with PrismaColor markers)

From: Dany (Sat Aug 28 04:29:48 2004)
This one is "Purdy". I love how you colored it!
From: Sirra Black (Sat Aug 28 11:46:50 2004)
I love this movie and this looks like its right from it. You are a TRUE artist
From: Administrator (admin) (Thu Oct 7 00:59:22 2004)
Previously posted by 'Abby Compton'

Very nice use of color. What are you using to color it in?
From: Administrator (admin) (Thu Oct 7 00:59:49 2004)
To answer "Abby Compton", I used pen and ink for the drawing and then PrismaColor markers for the color.
From: Evita (Sat Feb 26 22:32:45 2005)
Like I said in another post I love Jasmine... I think its because she's the most daring of the Disney Princesses. Though I suppose Belle living with a Beast is daring... anyway not to disprove myself I'll just say I like her.
From: s_potter (Sat Mar 12 13:46:13 2005)
I love all of your drawings! I am a major Jasmine, Disney and Harry Potter fan. I love the fact you've done Disney characters, I have not found many sites with fan art of them. I'll say it again, I love all of your drawings!
From: wdwbobbie (Mon Mar 28 03:56:30 2005)
From: short_stuff (Mon Mar 28 05:25:21 2005)
I love the picture
From: it's just me (Sat May 7 17:14:59 2005)
I really like how this turned out. I tend to have trouble getting shades and stuff to come out when I'm using markers and I have alot of respect for people who can do it well, so excellent job!
From: Ike (Mon Aug 15 14:29:12 2005)
I definatly think that this picture is going to turn out more beautiful every time you draw her, keep it up, your on a roll
From: Aladdin Zone (Mon Oct 31 07:45:15 2005)
you should definitly work for disney..
From: Eli (Tue Feb 21 07:37:45 2006)
Nice proportions..
From: catherine (Mon May 1 03:32:41 2006)
From: Mimi (Sun May 7 19:20:54 2006)
I love how it looks like the real thing
From: Sandy (Fri Nov 24 12:00:24 2006)
From: Cherry (Mon Mar 12 15:25:16 2007)
Wow!! Awesome pic!! It loooks like a...well.......MASTERPIECE!! It's beautiful. Great pic!!
From: Madame Raven (Thu May 24 13:02:26 2007)
She´s the most beautiful of the princesses, for me.
From: sak (Thu Dec 13 06:24:59 2007)
this is the BEST pic from all your disney drawings!!!
From: Jana (Sun Apr 13 15:58:31 2008)
I'm from Spain! I'm amazed with your gallery!!
I've descovered it two years ago and since then I've been lerning how to draw with your pics!
It all started when I was looking on the net some pictures of Jas because that's my nick-name ( I love her! ^^) and I found your page!...well..let's finish; just to tell you that i love your web, please continue drawing :)
From: Jana (Sun Apr 13 16:03:57 2008)
I have to apologize about my english xD
I'm sorry if it's no good enough

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