Beauty and the Beast  
Belle and the Beast share a moment in the library

Belle and the Beast share a moment in the library

From: terbear2005hp (Sun May 8 00:55:50 2005)
how .. just how? how do you do this??
From: kelly (Wed Jul 27 10:16:06 2005)
That's great! You did the beast really well, and I love the dress Belle's wearing! How long did it take you to do this?
From: Administrator (admin) (Wed Jul 27 14:52:50 2005)
Probably.... five or six minutes? Maybe? (Just a guess!)
From: catherine (Mon May 1 03:27:24 2006)
omg its amazing you are a magnificent artist
From: Another Artist (Fri May 12 14:51:04 2006)
Six minutes? Thats not fair! grrr....well, good for you, and your amazing talent. Go and work for Disney!!! Pleeeaassee!! You must!
From: Belle (Fri Nov 16 15:41:09 2007)
beast loves it when i read to him
From: sak (Thu Dec 13 06:16:00 2007)
luv the way you've captured the moment!
From: E. Potter (Tue Jan 22 09:54:50 2008) did ths in five og six minutes?! I don`t believe it amazing!
From: Jake the artist (Sat Feb 21 00:46:21 2009)
aw so cute i love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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