Beauty and the Beast  
Belle gets a surprise when she opens her present

Belle gets a surprise when she opens her present

From: Lil' Nay (Sat Jan 13 15:31:00 2007)
this is so cute
From: pottylurvesloony (Thu May 17 16:24:04 2007)
awww..........lumerire (not sure how thats spelled) is my favorite
From: Emma Snape (Tue Jun 26 12:54:44 2007)
I want that cloak. This is sooo cute!

Em xxxxxx
From: belle (Fri Nov 16 15:41:46 2007)
oh my i didn't think lumire would be in that box
From: sak (Thu Dec 13 06:20:55 2007)
From: E. Potter (Tue Jan 22 10:07:01 2008)
hehe you said it Sak;)
From: Charlotte and Ellie (Sat May 31 08:29:30 2008)
We love this picture of Belle, the two of us once made disney christamas cards that look pretty similar, Charlotte does A level art now and would love any advice you have. x
From: sak (Tue Jun 3 11:46:27 2008)
I've just realised how awful all your drawings are. infact i've never seen so much filth in all my life. it makes me want to spit on it. I HATE THEM ALL! and you... i cant stand the way you draw!! i fart in your face you awful artist, GET A LIFE!
From: E.Potter (Tue Jun 3 11:47:35 2008)
You said it again sak! ;)
From: jake the artist (Sat Feb 21 00:51:40 2009)
dont listen to sak (that name is so wierd and it makes fun of itself)i think this picture is great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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