Beauty and the Beast  
A drawing of Belle's costume from the stage show

A drawing of Belle's costume from the stage show

From: Another Artist (Fri May 12 14:56:12 2006)
AH! Beautiful!!!!! Amazing!!! Wow! You are so talented! Clearly you must enjoy working on masterpieces, you have so many!
From: Ellakkat (Wed Aug 9 12:14:08 2006)
I've liked all of the drawings I've seen, but this outfitt seems a bit over the top for Belle. Very well done, though, just not really her.
From: Elise (Wed Aug 9 12:31:32 2006)
Actually this was designed from the stage show, not the cartoon, so take it up with Broadway. Haha, just kidding, broadway is hard to take it up with... Believe me... i have tried...
From: caitlyn (Sat Mar 31 20:31:41 2007)
wow.that is so amazing.
From: pottylurvesloony (Thu May 17 16:24:59 2007)
Ohh! I love this Broadway show! This and the Lion King!
From: sak (Thu Dec 13 06:22:03 2007)
awww........ur drawings are wonderful!!!!!!!!

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