Beauty and the Beast  
Belle (a commissioned drawing that was framed, done with PrismaColor markers)

Belle (a commissioned drawing that was framed, done with PrismaColor markers)

From: Megan (Tue Oct 26 19:09:27 2004)
I love the gorgeous dress and color - I just don't like how much eyeshadow Belle is wearing.
From: Administrator (admin) (Tue Nov 16 18:45:50 2004)
Yeah, I can understand about the eyeshadow... It's sort of the result of not being sure when to stop coloring and how to make it look shadowed, but not too painted. Thanks though, I'm glad you like it.
From: Ira (Thu Dec 2 21:40:19 2004)
I like it! Except for the eyeshadow part its awesome! So is the dress.
From: Derek (Thu Mar 24 15:54:40 2005)
Drew I like it
From: Another Artist (Mon Jun 20 19:18:51 2005)
I envy your talent! You capture a moments emotion very well! the fabric fold and shadeing, amazing! To have the dress apear to be moving in a still frame, like I said...I envy you. I hope you will use your talent in many ways
From: Another Artist (Tue Oct 11 13:51:46 2005)
Like I said (in another disney drawing comment) I have that book and have tryed drawing the Princesses. Goodness some of them can be hard! My weakness with Bell is her eyes, how to angle them how big they are. I complement you on a job well done. Never ever stop drawing! If you do I will hunt you down! giggles
From: spoons (Mon Mar 20 18:51:26 2006)
she's lovely what did you colour her with ?
From: Samwise (for Admin) (Tue Mar 21 10:59:20 2006)
AG doesn't usually color things, although I love it when he does. For this drawing he used PrismaColor markers.
From: unfortunatevent (Sun Sep 24 10:06:57 2006)
She's pretty. :)
From: JazzySpazzy (Fri Jun 22 16:52:55 2007)
Shes Gorgeous :)
i love the colors. very captivating.
From: E. Potter (Tue Jan 22 09:56:23 2008)
Now thats beuliful!!
From: Administrator (admin) (Mon Jan 28 11:58:18 2008)
Originally posted by: sak (Thu 13 Dec 2007 06:18:38 AM)

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