Character Gesture Drawings  
fat ballet

fat ballet

From: Michael Smith (Tue Feb 8 16:09:32 2005)
This one is just visually appealing. The build and the pose of the characters is hillarious! It leaves you wondering what kind of dance production they would do were this sketch suddenly turned into a cartoon.
From: TPK (Sat Aug 6 18:56:39 2005)
Whatever dance they do, H*R would be wise to get the heck outta Dodge before it begins.
From: Vanessa Criddle (Fri Feb 24 18:52:05 2006)
This on made me laugh out loud! It is great.
From: Elise (Sat Jul 8 20:06:23 2006)
Aw, homestar! What a perfect finishing touch to any picture! I love it! The whole thing is so perfect!

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