Character Gesture Drawings  


From: Harrietta Potter (Wed Aug 18 01:25:38 2004)
I love her outfit! She is sooo. .. Mysterious!
From: natci (Sun May 7 12:10:25 2006)
i love the hat!!......french mystery woman....on the run!.....not that she is running.....
From: Abraham Macias (Thu Sep 27 12:24:39 2007)
I like that carmen sandiego style its really good
From: Elisabeth (Elisabeth97) (Sat Jan 22 21:22:28 2011)
I like the cigaret in the purse.
From: Administrator (admin) (Sun Jan 23 19:23:21 2011)
Thanks! But that was actually meant to be a smoking gun to add to the mystery of the scene. It probably wouldn't be very wise to put a smoking cigarette in your purse. :)

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