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Peter Pan awes Wendy (which annoys Tinker Bell)

Peter Pan awes Wendy (which annoys Tinker Bell)

From: Evita (Sat Feb 26 22:47:15 2005)
I've never actually seen this version of Peter Pan but I have obviously seen many images from it. Good work, Wendy looked a little spaced out though
From: Administrator (admin) (Mon Feb 28 01:19:53 2005)
Yes, a little tripped out by the presence of a pixie, I suppose.

But you must see it sometime. Pure, unadulterated, classic Disney magic.
From: wdwbobbie (Mon Mar 28 04:02:59 2005)
I LOVE the wendy in this one. Very very nice.
From: Emily (Thu Aug 18 23:20:52 2005)
Uber spiffy, except Peter's flute thingy is upsidedown...
From: Administrator (admin) (Sat Aug 20 15:19:45 2005)
Whoa, so it is!... Weird, I usually put it the other way... Maybe he's flipping it around or something! :)
From: Marina (Mon Oct 9 11:24:05 2006)
very nice drawing of peter pan and wendy with tinkerbelle its great!!! love the both cartoon and real movie of peter pan!!!
From: aliyah (Tue Jun 10 16:31:25 2008)
pinochio more like pinochapretty

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