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Another iconic image for the movie poster

Another iconic image for the movie poster

From: perfectionist (Fri Mar 16 11:22:10 2007)
Wow--this would be so cool. What I really like about your drawing is that they don't feel--overworked. It's like, "Even if this isn't Da Vinci, I'm putting it out because it's pretty good!" I often keep messing with something, even if it was fine to begin with; sometimes I'm a little OCD about drawing. But this gallery/website has shown me that even if it's not perfect, it can be really good. Thanks for the spontaneity/reality check.

By the way, Disney's NEPHI would be AWESOME.
From: Janet (Tue Jun 10 21:20:32 2008)
Great lighting in this photo. A great shot.

Janet Jackson

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