Centaurs from Fantasia

Centaurs from Fantasia

From: Aiedail (Wed Jun 20 15:11:41 2007)
Waouw ! i cant see the scene and they look just like in the Disney !
From: Charlotte and Ellie (Sat May 31 08:41:27 2008)
Wowee! we didnt no that fantasia was so well known, we have both on dvd and love this clip! big smiles all round x
From: Utahgal (Wed Jul 9 10:45:26 2008)
i love centaurs they are so mygestical i am a fantasy lover but dragons are my favorite animals.
From: jake the artist (Mon Feb 23 19:35:07 2009)
love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
From: Lauren Fielding (lfield5) (Sat Apr 3 02:22:19 2010)

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