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From: Callie (Mon Jan 10 02:18:04 2005)
This is great. Was it hard for you? To draw what you saw, and not rely on your memory?
From: Administrator (admin) (Tue Jan 11 02:06:11 2005)
Sometimes it was, I really had to break loose of my crutch of drawing what was familiar and try to actually draw what I was looking at. Like my teacher said continually, "Draw what you see, now what you think that you know." Of course, it got easier as I went along, but it was definitely a learning process!
From: Another Artist (Tue May 16 15:54:07 2006)
AH! Envy is ripiling through my body! Holy cow! This is absolutly with out a doubt...beautiful. So simplistic and still. Call yet dramatic. Lovely job on the shading, quite realistic. You are a true artist.

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