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fs girl back

fs girl back

From: Harrietta Potter (Wed Aug 18 01:23:24 2004)
WHOA! This one looks like a photograph! Everything looks extremely proportionally correct! I wish with all my heart I can be as good as you some day!
From: Abby Compton (Sat Aug 21 00:16:14 2004)
Grrrr. I repeat Harrietta. nice sence of light.
From: Dany (Sat Aug 28 04:47:58 2004)
Like it was said, very nice proportions. Its very realistic!
From: Another Artist (Tue May 16 15:49:00 2006)
Wow....I've been on you site could I have missed this one? Amazing, fantastic! Spectacular! Incredibly realistic. Please tel me this isn't one of your 5 6 minuet drawings ...seriusly, how long did this one take?

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