A recent Meg montage

A recent Meg montage

From: elphaba (Sat May 13 18:43:46 2006)
wow that picture is really great. I love it cause it looks so much like the real thing;)(:
From: Madame Raven (Sun Jun 3 17:42:31 2007)
The Meg with the gown reminds me of how i imagined Nessarose while i was reading Wicked.
From: Madame Raven (Sun Jun 3 17:42:52 2007)
but armless, of course=)
From: Administrator (admin) (Mon Jun 4 12:35:28 2007)
Actually, that girl in the gown isn't a drawing of Meg, just a random sketch of a girl that made its way onto the page somehow! Thanks for the comment, though!
From: Emma Snape (Tue Jun 26 13:25:01 2007)
Lol, I wondered about the one in the dress. I love Meg and you've captured her expressions perfectly.

Em xxxxxxx
From: E. Potter (Tue Jan 22 11:56:45 2008)
wow this was something new! and on the good side I love it!(theres no bad side on this);)
From: E. Potter (Tue Jan 22 11:59:24 2008)
wow this was new and I love it!

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