Me Myself and I  


From: TPK (Mon Jun 6 00:54:36 2005)
There's the exit, undaunted man in blue! Take it while ya can. ;)
From: Another Artist (Mon Jun 20 19:31:13 2005)
Are you also into stage? Wow, you have many talents! Just wondering....Is taran-tara supposed to be from Gilbert and Suluvans "The Pirates of Penzance?"
From: Administrator (admin) (Thu Jun 23 17:20:08 2005)
Ha ha! We hadn't planned on taking the picture by the exit, but lo, there it was, and it actually fit character quite nicely. And yes, this is me in my costume for Pirates of Penzance. :)
From: Bat (Wed Jul 13 01:17:45 2005)
Haha! I loved doing Pirates. One of my favorite productions.

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