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From: Spike Spiegel (Mon Feb 28 12:34:19 2005)
Did you know that their is a Magical Trevor 2, yeah its called Magical Trevor 2.
c ya
From: Oblio (Sun Mar 13 01:31:45 2005)
Magical Trevor 2 is cute, but the original is better. It usually happens that way; I like 2-D better than 3-D and traditional animation better than anime.
From: Toon Disney (Tue Nov 8 09:15:17 2005)
Jasmine Quotes from Toon Disney:

1. Mirage brought us here so she can glote.

2. That woman in the marketplace gave me this lotion, and look what it's done!

3. Oh, it's beautiful! Hey!
From: Toon Disney (Tue Nov 8 09:18:42 2005)
Aladdin Quotes from Toon Disney:

1. Abu, never throw a snowball at someone when they're not looking.

2. Genie! Find the woman who sold this to Jasmine.

3. Look at all those children not doing their homework.
From: (Thu Mar 27 11:19:26 2008)

Welcome back drew...I've been waiting for your arrival for like...forever. Your art has been great inspiration always! Once again welcome!

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