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ag hairy3

ag hairy3

From: Meanwhile, at the Hall of Justice... (Wed Jun 15 02:19:03 2005)
"What's that? A cry for help? This looks like a job for CAPTAIN FUZZY!"
From: potter#1fan (Mon Jul 25 21:25:21 2005)
hey u look better that way! U also look like Thomas, an actor that came to camp with us. If you press his back he'll do different accents for the 4th graders! "Land's the only thing that lasts!"-Irish "Will you have a cup of tea?"-english "I want to suck your blood!"-dracula LOL he's so funny!
From: Lisa (Wed Sep 7 22:16:19 2005)
hey, Evita from CoS -- I actually like this look on you. Makes you look like you're 24 and not 18 or whatever.(at least I think you look young for your age)
From: Azimuth (Wed Nov 1 13:36:36 2006)
Wow, that is alot of Aladdin behind you...but i like this look better too...
From: Elise (Wed Nov 1 18:01:12 2006)
Haha! That IS a lot of Aladdin behind him! Oh Drew and his Aladdin obsession...

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