Me Myself and I  


From: chris Pearce (Thu Nov 4 03:35:03 2004)
Oh hoe lovly!!
From: Mandarin (Sun Dec 5 11:12:44 2004)
So deep and thoughtful...
From: April (Sat Jan 1 01:14:11 2005)
TLC's What Not To Wear!!!
From: April (Sat Jan 1 03:53:24 2005)
Just kidding, umm... thinking about dasies!
From: TPK (Tue Jan 25 13:46:47 2005)
You look familiar. I wonder if I've taken some classes with you.
From: Sharreldine (Tue Apr 18 19:25:34 2006)
Nice to see the man behind the work - hello. You're very talented... I only wish I could draw like that... Nice work, you've earned yourself another fan!
From: Marina (Mon Oct 9 10:41:17 2006)
wow!! 4 a second there i thought i was the only one to comment in this year but oh well!!! im glad there are other more people who are descovering your talent and as for me i love to draw as much as u do seriously i've got folders full of Fabulous art work if only i had a way to put them up and honestley
you have a great talent not to mention good looks!!! anyways i'm your art fan..
From: Matt Graham (tester) (Tue Aug 25 12:28:59 2009)
Testing a comment by a logged in user. Seems to work.

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