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A much more accurate depiction (I think)

A much more accurate depiction (I think)

From: TPK (Wed Aug 10 03:18:22 2005)
The most difficult thing in the world, I think, is trying to portray oneself (in any artistic medium). Ironic, but I think it's difficult to render the face you live behind because it's almost impossible to view that face objectively.
From: kelly (Thu Aug 11 18:05:35 2005)
Great job! I agree with TPK. Like my cousin, she doesn't like the way she looks so when she draws herself, she makes herself look prettier and smaller. (I'm very outspoken. I'm workin on it!) Oh, and do you just hate me now for that Alladin as Hp drawing now?
From: Another Artist (Tue Nov 29 20:54:49 2005)
Its been a while since I've been here, looks like you have added some really good stuff. I agree with you, this does look more accuret physically , however I feel you captured your personality in both very very well. I agree with the other two above, I find it so hard to do a self portrayal. I dont stay true to my own face, and it ends up looking like someone else. Hope your Holidays are a blast!
From: cookie (Fri Dec 30 00:44:46 2005)
ok, this is pretty good! you look better like that!

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