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A somewhat slenderized self portrait... :)

A somewhat slenderized self portrait... :)

From: TPK (Sun May 29 22:08:25 2005)
Hey, I even know where on campus that is! ;)
From: Ashley (Sat Jun 11 11:42:13 2005)
That's great! You should travel to different cities and draw people. I wish I could draw like that!
From: Another Artist (Tue Jun 21 16:07:49 2005)
Holy Cow! What can I say? You are really really good! I so want to be able to draw like you! Guess I'll just have to keep Practicing.
From: potter#1fan (Mon Jul 25 21:27:50 2005)
Wow!! It looks really good. You do portraits o& people really well. I wish I had one of me! (sigh) oh well, I'm a really good artist 2. I did the yearbook cover for my school one year!
From: lunyl0veg00d (Mon Sep 26 20:45:55 2005)
same here for everything above (except for the first comment). You are a really great artist. I wish that I could be as good.

And it's really cool how you can draw yourself and stuff and it actually turns out to look like you.
From: Marina (Mon Oct 9 10:51:13 2006)
Cool Portrait!!! gotta say awsome technique used looks just like you!!

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