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Another attempt at a sketch of CZ-J as Elena

Another attempt at a sketch of CZ-J as Elena

From: Enchanted (Sun Jan 2 02:48:43 2005)
ag... this one is my favorite. She looks so.. at peace... it's beautiful!
From: Paris Hilton (Thu Feb 24 19:54:59 2005)
that's hot.
From: Niki (Wed May 25 14:39:54 2005)
I think this is an excellent picture where did you learn to draw like that
From: Another Artist (Tue Nov 29 22:13:08 2005)
Please tell me you had amazing parents that payed top notch teachers who tought you to draw like that. If you pretty much taught yourself, grrr...I can not compare to you! I have been homeschooled since the third grade, and unfortunetly haven't had any teachers to teach me my passion. I have simply observed life and try to put it on paper. You put life on papper! Your amazing!!!
From: Another Artist (Tue Nov 29 22:14:54 2005)
Sorry, I ment to coment on the pic too, its gorgeus!!! The shirt has a obveus Hispanic trate, the Hair is amazing!!!! Flowing so gracfully, Its is clear you have a pation for this, it comes through on your masterpeices.
From: dizneeprincess (Thu Jan 12 23:01:50 2006)
When people spam up funny comments, it makes me laugh.
From: Administrator (admin) (Fri Jan 13 01:47:38 2006)
Not me. I think it's annoying and obnoxious. (Incidentally, I am not deleting your stupid comments, even though I easily could, but I want people to be able to see them and realize how rude you're being.)

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