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An Easter-inspired tribute....

An Easter-inspired tribute....

From: alyssa (Thu Jul 21 18:33:38 2005)
i love this! this portrait is filled with drama and emotion. you could take this to Stith Printing Co. and make t-shirts
From: katie (Fri Sep 30 18:07:07 2005)
I agree. Why don't you do that? You really captured this! Do t-shirts that like alyssa said. LOtsa Christians wear them 2day! Including me! LOL. Great Work

From: venusangle (Wed Aug 23 08:45:54 2006)
i love it but i'm christian and i belive you shoulndt draw that kind od stuff...
From: Administrator (admin) (Wed Aug 23 18:41:26 2006)
Shouldn't draw what kind of stuff? Pictures of Christ? Why ever not? Drew was only trying to Glorify Christ in this picture, and I really don't see anything wrong with that.
From: Jess-ica1991 (Wed Jun 20 05:57:02 2007)
yh you should use the talents god gives you, that's why he gives them to you, to glorify him :P
From: olive (Sat Feb 2 19:35:54 2008)
Okay, I'm a Jewish liberal and I even think that venusangel is ignorant for saying what Drew should and should not draw. It's easy to say that Drew can draw whatever he wants and glorify what ever God he believes in, because this country allows freedom of speech and religion. a word of advice to venusangel; reda the 15 ammendments!

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