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From: Stephany (Wed Oct 27 20:28:25 2004)
She is beautiful. I love this movie lol.
From: Chloe (Thu Nov 18 10:34:46 2004)
Awesome picture, really captures that look... I loved this movie also!
From: Kristen (Fri Oct 7 09:47:52 2005)
Oh my gosh! You AMAMZE me! This is my favorite movie of all time, and I just LOVE the way you've captured the look!
From: gurlie (Thu Apr 13 18:50:22 2006)
hey! hey! hey! that is amazin! (as always!!!) lol
From: Mimi (Sun May 7 19:05:48 2006)
I love the way Satine lookas I hope he will make some more of Moulin Rouge!!!
From: Mellissa (Sat Dec 30 14:36:30 2006)
Oh, this is awesome. Moulin Rouge is one of my favorite movies ever. And you captured her sadness really good.

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