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pretty maids all in a row

pretty maids all in a row

From: Syan Alyissa (Thu Dec 9 13:12:20 2004)
I love the look on the farthest left! and her outfit is so cute!
From: Enchanted (Sun Jan 2 02:51:56 2005)
Wow. The one in the middle looks quite like me..
From: Evita (Sat Feb 26 22:55:06 2005)
Well since the other two pretty maids seem to be taken I have to say I like the one on the right. To me (Im sure you have tired of reading that but I have a story for everything) she looks like a young girl who's looking up to a young man cherishing ever word he says. Alas,young love and she is destined for heartache. Ok, done ranting now. :) Good work
From: Jenni Radcliffe (Sat Mar 26 22:11:53 2005)
darn it! I'm too late! I can' be any of the maids! *pouts* Oh well! I love this pic though, ag!
From: Mary (Tue Jun 7 19:43:47 2005)
Well, since my name is Mary I do believe all the maids belong to me because they are in my garden. Isn't that how the riddle goes?
From: lady alyssa (Thu Apr 13 18:46:30 2006)
oh dear! these r 10 times better than wut i could do! lol
From: FortWorth (Fri May 30 15:58:12 2008)
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From: KansasCity (Sun Jun 1 10:35:28 2008)
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From: hindi (Sat Dec 27 06:15:48 2008)
Were these supposed to look like Pocahontas, Belle, and Ariel, because in a way they do...

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